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About us & our bakery

Blue Wren Bakery is our ‘micro’ bakery with the aim of making good, tasty sourdough breads and sweets.  We focus on making sourdough with a long, natural fermentation to get the best flavour and to make breads with just flour, salt and water and therefore no need for any commercial additives or preservatives.

We are passionate about using as many local ingredients as possible, by working closely with and doing what we can to support our suppliers. We hope to help educate others on what it takes to grow and supply them with their everyday food, and helping to re-build the idea of a local grain economy.


Feature loaf…

Khorasan porridge blue wren bakery special loaf sourdough

Khorasan Porridge

Khorasan is considered an ancient grain originating from the province Khorasan.

As a specialty for the month of August, we made a porridge loaf using cracked Khorasan grain cooked with milk, then folded through a dough containing a portion of freshly milled Khorasan flour. The grain imparts a golden colour to the crust and the porridge makes for a lovely tender crumb.

The grain is from The Grain Family in northern Tasmania, grown on land that is also part of an amazing dairy, Elgaar. We visited their farm earlier this year and picked up some Khorsasan grain to bring home.

The Grain Family are wonderful people with earthy, organic values and an undeniable passion for caring for the quality of their soil for future generations. They provide freshly milled flour as well as grow and harvest their own grain. They love food, simple food and recognise the importance of farming for a healthy planet. As such, we felt they were worthy of the long drive south for a visit.